Clinical Studies

A Unique Model for Evidence-Based Products

Most healthcare professionals acknowledge the medicinal potential of cannabis, however wide the adoption of the cannabis derived medicinal products is hindered by the lack of relevant “evidence-based” human clinical studies and an unclear regulatory pathway. Despite the recent increase in the number of cannabis clinical and preclinical studies, the majority of the currently marketed cannabis derived products lack any evidence of safety and efficacy.


Sadé has recruited prominent Israeli scientists to introduce a model that will help develop and support the "evidence-based" paradigm, with a special attention to the needs of the patients, scientific community, regulators and industry. 

This approach is applied to all pre-clinical and clinical studies conducted by Sadé and its researchers. The results of these studies are documented in a knowledge-based center and compared with past studies and aligned with Sadé elaborated plant genetic library

Sadé Clinical Studies Highlights

  • Usage of models and protocols indicated by FDA clinical studies phases

  • We aim that our studies will comprise of at least three groups for each the indication:

    • Existing remedy or cannabinoid isolate

    • Sadé unique formulation based on specific genetics fractions

    • Placebo group

  • Every clinical study, regardless of the number of patients, is preceded by a pre-clinical phase, to ensure stability of the compound, and to assess toxicity and the adequate dosage

  • Our mission is to spread the knowledge and create interest by conducting multinational pre-clinical and clinical studies in collaboration between Israel and Spain, Canada, Thailand among others

  • Researchers in the field that wish to collaborate with our Israeli teams in such bilateral research programs, please click here to connect

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