Sade Biotech Enters Exciting Collaboration with Leading Israeli Rehabilitation Center

At Sade, we’re always looking for new ways to collect, analyze, and harness collective wisdom on everything medical cannabis (MC), in order to provide the scores of people around the world living with chronic pain and debilitating conditions with the relief they so desperately deserve. Upon doing our due diligence, we came to understand that there is no better place to study the effects of such diagnoses, than from a scientifically significant pool of people living with them themselves.

To that end, the Sade Biotech family is thrilled to share the news of our latest collaboration with a leading rehabilitation medical center in Israel. The partnership will involve a clinical study aimed at assessing the real-world effects of MC and identifying predictors for MC treatment success.

The study, already approved by the Israeli Institutional Review Board (Helsinki Protocol), will include up to 1,000 MC patients. Using our unique platform, ASAYA, we will generate deep insights on one of the biggest questions in the industry; how to find the best match between the chemical profile of the plant and each patient’s individual profile.

We are excited to invest in this research initiative to promote and optimize medical cannabis care and are committed to leading the pack in the never-ending journey toward creating real-world evidence designed to improve patients’ wellbeing!

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