Sade Biotech is excited to introduce our new head nurse – Jenny Arieli

Sade Biotech is excited to introduce our new head nurse, Jenny Arieli, as head of the ASAYA Patient Support Program. We are happy to share Jenny’s personal (always…) words 

A personal note from our new head Nurse:

Hello! I’m Jenny.

A mom to a starting ballerina.

A 3rd generation nurse in my family. Graduated from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Henrietta Szold nursing school in Hadassah Ein Kerem,

I started with 6 years as an ER nurse, and later gained years of experience working in medical companies and community clinics, in which educating and guiding patients was a major task

For the past five years, I have been practicing cannabis-based medicine. Building treatment plans, guiding and educating patients.

As part of contributing to our society, I educate and lecture youngsters and caregivers regarding Medical Cannabis.

I am happy and proud to be part of the Sade Biotech team.

As the chief nurse of ASAYA, where cutting edge technology meets a top-notch human team, I’m excited for what is to come…

Jenny Arieli

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