The Upside of Covid-19: More Individualized Medical Cannabis Care

The Covid-19 pandemic has driven widespread adoption of digital data and technology across all sectors and industries, including medical cannabis, so as to provide higher levels of personalization, without compromising on standardization. Here, data is translated into knowledge and insights, to provide patients with the best, most-effective, and safest treatments.

That being said, medical cannabis presents a unique example. While many patients are seeking medical cannabis treatments, physicians have yet to grow confident in prescribing cannabis products, especially since cannabis as a medication was introduced to the market through legislation; not through formal drug development processes.

For these reasons and more, Sade Group has spent the past five years researching patient and industry pain points, discovering a need for a multidisciplinary approach to the advancement of medical cannabis precision care. Through Sade’s Asaya platform, patients, healthcare professionals, researchers, data scientists, and growers are able to leverage the latest machine learning capabilities to constantly refine individual care and ensure it is as successful as possible.

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