More Precise and Frequent Chemical Analysis of Cannabis Strains is Required in Order to Create True Personalized Treatment

One of the challenges of administering and taking medical cannabis, is the difficulty determining the specific panel of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. There is a great deal of variation even between cannabis preparations from the same strain. This article reviews the different methods for cannabinoids quantification, which is the process of analysis of the composition of cannabis products, and points out the ones which have proven most efficient and most accurate.

Athletes may be able to use Cannabis for thaerpeutic uses, without being banned

It’s standard for professional athletes to be tested for cannabis use, but does cannabis enhance physical capacity? Perhaps it impairs it? This review suggests neither. Researchers found no significant difference in athletic performance between chronic recreational cannabis users and non-users. Meaning, it is possible that athletic aptitude is not affected by cannabis use. Cannabis users can rest assured that physical activity will not be affected, and this could mean good news for professional athletes too: If future studies indicate that cannabis doesn’t affect athletic capabilities and official sport organizations stop its prohibition, then athletes could begin using it for therapeutic purposes.

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