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The world’s most effective medical cannabis formulations for the treatment of inflammation-related conditions

PlantEXT is on a mission to unlock the anti-inflammatory benefits of medical cannabis through the company’s proprietary research and technology platform. As an early mover in medical cannabis research and a global leader in the development of medical cannabis products, PlantEXT’s innovative activities are backed by advanced science and clinical studies in Israel.

Adopting a true pharma approach to cannabis development, all of PlantEXT’s research is conducted in a quality-controlled laboratory, run by Dr. Hinanit Koltai, a world leader in medical cannabis research.

PlantEXT is currently headed by Douglas Sommerville, a Canadian pharma industry veteran, whose prior field experience extends to serving as the Head of Teva Canada, a branch of the leading Israeli generic drug producer, Teva, During Doug’s 14-year tenure, Teva Canada recorded record profits and became strongly positioned as a market leader.

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A True Pharma Approach to Cannabis

  • Product development focused on treatment for diseases and conditions caused by inflammatio

  • Fully permitted and equipped independent laboratory facilities in Tel Aviv

  • Dedicated and highly qualified PlantEXT researchers, trained at leading cannabis research facilities in Israel

  • R&D plans: Expansion of IBD clinical studies; development of IP and products for pain, dermatological conditions and other inflammatory conditions

  • Evidence-based clinical support for products

  • Speed to market: Streamlined cannabis regulatory pathway compared to traditional pharma

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