Collective Wisdom & Big Data Empower Medical Cannabis Care

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ASAYA™ is a smart digital platform that empowers physicians to confidently prescribe medical cannabis as a treatment, enhancing treatment outcomes for chronic patients

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The treatment of chronic patients involving medical cannabis requires a unique methodology and a multidisciplinary approach

Engaging Patient Journey

Asaya empowers patients with a digital companion app, keeping them engaged and on track throughout their treatment journey

Precision Cannabis Healthcare

Facilitated by cutting-edge technology, ASAYA integrates best practices with real-world data, providing healthcare professionals with an efficient tool to optimize the complex decision-making process involved in tailored medical cannabis treatment

Patient Care Center

The ASAYA solution includes a nurse-staffed Patient Care Center that provides our patients with professional medical cannabis education, guidance, and ongoing support

Addressing​ Major Unmet Needs


Limited knowledge
& clinical evidence


Lack of ongoing patient support and monitoring


Insufficient ability to realize the remarkable therapeutic potential of medical cannabis, mainly for the treatment of chronic symptoms


Result: A challenging and unknowledgeable decision making process for both clinicians and patients.

Medical cannabis has vast potential for transforming chronic patient care by alleviating symptoms, significantly improving quality of life, and reducing the use of other medications, such as opiates.

Despite thousands of years of documented medical cannabis use and a rapidly evolving evidence base, stakeholders, physicians and caregivers still lack the data needed to make real-world decisions for medical cannabis-based treatments.

ASAYA Offers HCPs (HealthCare Providers):

A smart digital platform empowers physicians to confidently prescribe medical cannabis as a treatment, thereby improving the outcomes for chronic patients. 

  • ASAYA provides instant access to comprehensive patient profiles and real-time insights.
  • The platform offers a standardized approach to utilize chronic care data for personalized medical cannabis treatment,
  • ASAYA incorporates both evidence-based and practice-based knowledge.
  • Additionally, it addresses health economics by reducing churn, enhancing the clinic’s brand, and enabling new monetization streams.

Asaya for Patients

Asaya offers patients a personal, smart treatment companion.
Take an active role in the management of your medical cannabis regimen plan

Personalized patient-centered care

Instant and free access to global knowledge center – comprised of both evidence-based and practice-based data stay up to date with the latest findings and patient experience

Ongoing support and guidance driving greater outcomes


Our technological yet human platform helps improve medical cannabis patients’ quality of life by accompanying them throughout their cannabis journey, as well as by enabling physicians to provide them with the best possible treatment

Sade Biotech

Harnessing the Power of Collective Wisdom
to Transform Medical Cannabis Care

Please join our ever-growing group of early adaptors. If you are a medical cannabis patient, user, healthcare provider, researcher or fan – and have information to share with the world: please click below, fill in brief info and join our journey.

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