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Are you looking to identify the most effective pain treatment available?

Need information on probable side effects for a specific treatment for a particular patient?

Want to create safety and efficacy predictions for set treatment protocols?

What is it?

Powered by ASAYA™

Leveraging ASAYA’s database of over 17,000 active patients, we offer access to valuable, anonymized patient data for research, planning, prediction, and as a business decision tool.

We utilize ASAYA’s internal AI analytical tools and APIs of leading third-party BI tools such as Google’s LookerBI, AWS Redshift/Quicksight, and more.

Our digital healthcare research database is growing at a pace of approximately 1,000 unique patients per month, making it the fastest-growing full-medical-record dynamic database in our space.

ASAYA’s open API platform facilitates customized research and analysis projects.

What is it?

Powered by ASAYA™

The best part?

Using the ASAYApp™ and the ASAYA™ HCP platform, we collect patient-reported outcomes, including monitoring main complaints, side effects, and quality of life (using PROMIS© validated questionnaires)

It's free for patient organizations and non-profit research labs

AI tools are applied to detect patterns, logic, and drug interactions. These insights are then integrated back into the algorithm for increased accuracy in treatment protocols and prediction tools

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