Patient Mobile APP

Powered by ASAYA™

Your personal, smart, digital cannabis nurse

ASAYAapp is a 24/7 connected app to the ASAYA platform, and provides two-way data flow between the patient, through her mobile phone app, to the healthcare provider and the smart AI engine of ASAYA.

ASAYAapp has built in integration to (API) to smart connected devices such as precision dosing devices and wearables that measure your bio-metrics and more.

Your health monitor anywhere, anytime!

As part of the ASAYA platform, Sade has created a user-friendly digital assistant for pain management patients, downloadable free from Google Play (soon from the Apple Store as well). The digital assistant helps patients through their medical cannabis treatment protocol so that they can improve their quality of life and reduce the use of hazardous pain medications, such as opiates.

Please join our ever-growing group of early adaptors. If you are a medical cannabis patient, user, healthcare provider, researcher or fan – and have information to share with the world: please click below, fill in brief info and join our journey.