Patient Support Center


The ASAYA Patient Support Center offers personalized and continuous guidance, assisting patients from preparing for doctor’s appointments, navigating the initiation of treatment (education, product selection), adjusting to medical cannabis usage, and achieving optimal effects tailored to each patient’s unique needs

The Patient Support Center Benefits

ASAYA Patient-Centric Support Program

The Center/Program’s staff provides patients with personalized guidance and consultations – explanations on products, consumption methods, titration, possible side effects, how to cope with them, and more.
The Center/Program’s staff directly communicates with the physicians who care for the patients, and ensure the physicians are made aware of any changes to patients’ conditions, or other events that require medical intervention.
Products and/or strains are recommended according to the categories that appear on the patient’s license – based on past experience, treatment goals, etc. Additionally, availability is determined based on the geographic location in which the patient seeks to make the purchase, as well as according to door-to-door delivery options.
Patients and their families/caregivers can readily consult with the ASAYA Center/Program nurses on side effects, concerns, dosage, and any other treatment-related question.
Ongoing communication with patients can also be maintained through the app – patients are invited to document their treatment, its progress, and its effects in real-time, and are provided with information on how to proceed, based on their reports.

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