The Power of ​Collective Wisdom

THE ASAYA™ Solution

ASAYA integrates real-world practice and patients reported outcomes, with human and machine intelligence, to provide practical guidance for the use of medical cannabis.
Facilitated by cutting edge technology – machine learning, IoT, mobile applications and predictive analytics – ASAYA promotes to better medical cannabis care.
Ultimately, the whole medical cannabis ecosystem will benefit – HCPs, patients, growers & researchers.

Enhancing evidence generation to optimize decision making ​



ASAYA is designed to augment clinicians in their complex decision-making process and enable a confident and optimized cannabis treatment

ASAYA™ Patient Mobile APP

Your personal, smart cannabis consultant

A free, easy-to-use app!

ASAYAapp is a 24/7 connected app to the ASAYA platform, and provides two-way data flow between the patient, through her mobile phone app, to the healthcare provider and the smart AI engine of ASAYA.
ASAYAapp has built in integration to (API) to smart connected devices such as precision dosing devices and wearables that measure your bio-metrics and more.

ASAYA™ Patient Mobile APP

A novel, integrated big data platform

Join the Journey

Driven by technological advancements, the world of healthcare is fast transforming. The emergence of big data, machine learning, mobile applications and shared platforms enable data to be linked together and processed for new insights. Yet, the success is highly dependent on humans to engage with technology and exchange data.

ONLY TOGETHER can we ensure the promotion of a healthcare environment that will ultimately benefit the entire ecosystem of medical cannabis