It’s simple. Download and open the ASAYA app. You will be presented with a screen that has a large “Start Sign-up” button. Click on the button to start the onboarding process. You will be taken through a systematic and highly organized questionnaire that will ask you to fill in personal information about yourself, your medical history, lifestyle, and medical cannabis needs. Simply fill in your answers and hit “next” to keep moving through the questionnaire until you have completed the onboarding process.

When signing up, please follow the instructions on the screen. Answer as many questions as you can. Some questions are mandatory. The onboarding phase will also show you how to schedule your first clinic appointment. If you don’t have the time or information needed to complete the onboarding process right away, you can take a break, gather the information you need when it’s convenient to you, and finish onboarding later. Note that only after completing the onboarding phase, will you be able to access the rest of the app. As such, it’s recommended to go through the onboarding process in its entirety at your earliest convenience.

Your personal information will only be used by the ASAYA app and the healthcare professionals at the clinic, and only to provide you, the patient, with easy access to all the information you need to receive high-quality cannabis medical treatment for your needs. To that end, we collect and use the data from all patients to better understand individual medical cannabis needs, side effects, and positive results, as well as more global ones, so that every single patient’s treatment plan is optimized for the best outcome and relief.

The ASAYA app is a digital nurse that serves as a bridge between the human medical personnel at the clinic and yourself. ASAYA operates on data. Therefore, the first step to using the app is onboarding and sharing as much relevant data with us as possible. The more information and feedback you share, the better the app and the healthcare professionals at the clinic get to know you, your lifestyle, your medical habits, and your needs, and the more accurate your treatment will be, without you having to spend tons of time at the physical clinic. There is no such thing as too much data, so we encourage you to continuously share any symptom, feeling, difficulty or relief you experience, at any given time.


The purpose of the app’s notifications is to assist you with following your treatment and for getting your feedback. To that end, there are three types of notification reminders: treatment/session reminders, feeback reminders, and general reminders.
Treatment or session reminders are notifications reminding you to take your cannabis dose, based on your treatment plan. Clicking on the notification itself takes you to the main dashboard, where you can confirm taking the dose and provide feedback about the severity of your symptoms after taking the medication.
Feedback reminders are notifications for collecting feedback about your symptoms and your sleep. Logging these details helps medical personnel improve your treatment. If no feedback was logged in throughout the day, an “end of day” feedback reminder will be deployed.
General reminders notify you about upcoming clinic visits and prescription expirations. They also periodically ask if you’d like to step up your dose. Some notifications will include feedback questions that will help the clinic prepare for your next visit.

The clinic will send you a notification of your new and/or updated treatment plan following your visit with your physician. The plan will explain what your dose is and when it should be taken. You will be asked to provide feedback on your experiences with the treatment (side effects and positive effects), which will inform the clinic on how well your treatment is going. Should your treatment plan need to be optimized in light of the feedback provided, the clinic will send you a new notification with the updated treatment plan.


If you are living with chronic pain and/or a debilitating diagnosis, you are not alone and you don’t need to suffer. Contact the clinic about booking an appointment with a healthcare provider. Our staff of highly-trained and experienced medical practitioners will help you understand if medical cannabis is the right treatment plan for you.

Medical cannabis may provide relief to a variety of symptoms experienced by people living with chronic and debilitating diagnoses. Its use includes the relief of neuropathic and other pain conditions. People with these conditions may feel that the effect of medical cannabis, taken at the optimized dose for their diagnosis, enables them to resume daily life.

The active, chemical ingredients of cannabis are called cannabinoids, which include Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC, a psychoactive), and Cannabidiol (CBD), which boost the positive effects of the body’s innate cannabinoids. The ratio of THC to CBC will differ from cannabis product to product, depending on what the product is, and/or who is producing it. Remember to only acquire medical cannabis products from licensed producers and distributors.

Medical cannabis can be taken orally, topically, through vaping, or as an oil.


We want to hear about anything and everything related to your medical cannabis journey, treatment, and relief. If you have any questions or comments that cannot be directly reported through the ASAYA app, go to: Report -> Contact PCC OR Settings -> Help -> App -> Contact PCC. Depending on your region and your healthcare provider, there are several ways you can contact us with the PCC:
Email: click on the email icon and send email directly to the Care Center
Text message: via SMS, whatsapp or other messaging platform
Chat: If your HCP activated this feature: clicking on the CHAT button allows you to connect to the Care Center
Phone conversation: You can contact the PCC via “call me back” feature or direct call if your HCP has activated this feature.
Mailing Address: Sade Precise Agriculture Ltd., Hate‘ena 67, Nir Israel 7950500

The ASAYA app will ask you to provide feedback often, so as to ensure you are receiving and staying on top of the best possible medical cannabis treatment. To that end, you should provide feedback after taking every dose, according to your individual treatment plan. This can be morning, afternoon, evening, and before bed. You should also provide weekly reports on your symptoms, side effects, and positive effects, as well as before clinic visits, so we can understand your experience as well as we can. In addition, should you experience anything that deviates from your normal (positive or negative), please report it at once.

We encourage you to continuously use the report button and add information about your wellbeing. We ask that you provide feedback on the following:
My Symptoms – Update information about your symptoms, e.g if they’ve gotten better or worse.
Session – Add session information, e.g if you forgot to log a session.
Side Effect – Report side effects you are experiencing. Add side effects from the list. Then, rate their severity and how they affect your daily functioning.
Positive Effect – Report positive effects you are experiencing. Add side effects from the list. Then, rate their prevalence and how they affect your daily functioning.
Contact PCC (patient call center) or Clinic – Allows you in various ways to contact the Asaya Care Center (see contact us section for more details)

Feedback is our way of understanding the bigger picture of our patients’ medical cannabis experiences. We leverage your feedback to learn how to optimize your medical cannabis treatment plan. We also learn from the collective feedback provided by all of our patients to understand which treatments work well for which diagnoses (and which don’t), what side effects and positive effects are experienced. This collective knowledge is then used to inform likely individual treatments. After all, sharing is caring!

Please join our ever-growing group of early adaptors. If you are a medical cannabis patient, user, healthcare provider, researcher or fan – and have information to share with the world: please click below, fill in brief info and join our journey.