How should Cannabis be stored?

Light, heat and humidity conditions affect the product and may impact the composition of the active ingredients leading to the growth of molds and fungi. Therefore, the product must be stored in a dark and cool place. In case of inflorescent, it is important to store it in an air tight and dry container. Maintaining […]

What is the current legal status of Cannabis in Israel?

According to the Israeli law, the Cannabis plant and anything produced from it (except for oil which is produced from its seeds), is defined as a dangerous drug which is prohibited for use or possession. In order to use and/or possess Cannabis, it is necessary to obtain a special license issued by the Unit for […]

Where is it allowed to use medical Cannabis?

“A patient with a license for medical Cannabis may consume it by smoking only in the places specified in his license, when in most cases it is his residential address, and the consumption of Cannabis by vapor is allowed also outside the home, provided it is carried out with no other person in the room, […]

How does one apply for a medical Cannabis license in Israel?

Any doctor with an “expert” degree in the fields for which it is possible to provide a license for medical Cannabis in Israel, may submit an application for a medical Cannabis license for his patients through the Ministry of Health website. The physician should rule out counter indications, provide follow-up reports for the treatment provided […]

For which conditions can a medical Cannabis license be obtained today in Israel?

In Israel, it is customary to prescribe medical Cannabis after every conventional course of treatment have been exhausted for the patient’s condition. In these cases, the Ministry of Health approves the provision of medical Cannabis for several medical diagnoses: Neuropathic pain, Fibromyalgia, cancer patients who suffer pain, nausea or loss of appetite due to their […]

Is there an age limit at which treatment with medical Cannabis may be started?

There is no age limit on starting treatment with medical Cannabis. The decision to begin Cannabis treatments is based on medical need only. However, the age of the patient is significant when making the medical decision, and must be considered when evaluating the risk when choosing treatment. In children and youths, the central nervous system […]

Is it permissible to drive a vehicle under the influence of medical Cannabis?

As of March 2018, driving a private vehicle under the influence of Cannabis is permitted for patients with a medical Cannabis treatment permit, only after at least three hours have elapsed from the moment of taking the Cannabis by inhalation or vapor, or six hours in any other form of use, including oil drops under […]