Sade Biotech

Established in 2015, and founded by a team of highly experienced life science executives, agri-tech experts and serial entrepreneurs, Sade is focused on realizing the promise of medical cannabis and personalized healthcare.


initially established to research, manage and develop science-backed and evidence-based medicinal cannabis products, Sadé Biotech initiated several pre-clinical and clinical studies. These studies were seeking unique formulations and chemical compositions to treat specific medical symptoms. The result of three years of research was ASAYA™, a real-time digital healthcare platform built upon human and machine learning to power better care for patients.

our Journey

The company was founded as a leading scientific research company and initially worked in conjunction with the ARO, Israel’s governmental Agriculture Research Organization, but has since expanded its activities to include genetic and scientific research and the development of big data AI solutions.


Sade Ltd. is established and invested seed money in four Cannabis funded researches. All researches performed under Israel’s governmental institute of Agriculture Development: The ARO (Vulcani Center). Sade obtained its first Medical Cannabis permit to operate


Two of the funded researches matured to commercial companies:

  • Plantext: Developed unique formulations for the treatment of Crohn’s & Colitis
  • Cannabivar: Identifying key genes that are responsible for metabolic pathways creating key chemical compounds in the Cannabis trichome
  • Sade establishes European operations and raises funding towards the planning and construction of a state-of-the-art indoor facility.
  • Sade helps raise over $3.5M, mostly in Canada, to its daughter company, Plantext
  • SADE closes a round of financing from Industry leaders, towards the development of SADE BIOTECH, its technology and science arm. Additional use of proceeds towards further cannabis genetics research
  • Sade launches the development of ASAYA – a big data software platform to help healthcare providers and patients transform Medical Cannabis care

Sade Biotech launches prototype of ASAYA big-data AI platform, including Healthcare Providers dashboard and Patients mobile app

Israel, as a centerpiece of knowledge, allowed us to create a consortium of medical cannabis stakeholders that is continuously exchanging data and experience, providing valuable input to our unique big data platform of real-world evidence.
Eitan Gissin
Harnessing our experience, talent and passion, we’ve embarked on a quest to turn patient centeredness to real practice. Realizing the immense potential of medical cannabis requires the entire industry to finally attain the guidance needed to manage individual patients.
Yael Richter, Ph. D
Chief Scientific Officer (CSO)
The success of innovative technology is highly dependent on humans to engage with the technology and exchange data. Only together, by sharing information, can we ensure the promotion of a healthcare environment that will indeed benefit all.
Yaron Gissin
Co-Founder, Chief Innovation Officer

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