Amit Sade explain's what makes his company different in the cannabis bubble

By Gali Weinreb| Globes July 25, 2019

Israelis and Canadians plant partnership in medicinal marijuana

By Felice Friedson | The Media Line October 18, 2018

Why Israel’s medical marijuana startups need more attention

By Jacob Maslow | The Times Of Israel MAY 1, 2018

Is cannabis the new wonder drug?

By Abigail Klein Leichman |  ISRAEL21c APRIL 18, 2018,

John Boehner decides grass is greener after all, joins cannabis company

By Pete Evans  |  CBC News APRIL 11, 2018,

Joe Oliver joins Israeli-Canadian medical marijuana startup

By Michael Fraiman |  CJN News APRIL 10, 2018,

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