Social & Environmental Responsibility

enhance wellbeing

At Sadé, we believe that every business should engage with the community it operates in and contribute its particular area of expertise to enhance the community’s wellbeing. As such, we endeavor to forge short and long-term partnerships with organizations and give back wherever we can.

Social Involvement

Although our social involvement is, as a rule, focused on organizations, we nonetheless adhere to the spirit of the principle that ‘saving a life is like saving the universe’ and attempt to create jobs and career opportunities for individuals – within all of the local markets in which Sadé operates. Sadé is providing recruiting priority to individuals with disabilities, single-parent families and is fully supporting equal opportunity for all

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Our goal is to harness our knowledge, expertise, operations and facilities (existing and future) to promote corporate social and environmental responsibility

How? by adhering to the following core objectives​

  • Promoting economic and social justice
  • Promoting and raising awareness of the “accessible medicine”
    motto, to provide medical cannabis treatments to people who need it most, despite their socio-economic status
  • Reducing socio – economic inequality in the local market
  • Promoting equal rights and equal opportunities
  • Providing mentoring and support for disadvantaged
    and vulnerable children & youth
  • Supporting and strengthening access to education, sports and culture
  • Working to promote a greener environment through organic, sustainable farming

The environment is our responsibility

The Sadé group recognizes that the actions we take today will undoubtedly impact our future environment. We are committed to harnessing our white coat agriculture practices and responsibly managing our business and facilities to the best of our abilities, so as to preserve our environment for the benefit of future generations. This commitment is embodied in the following three principles, known as the three R’s: 

  • Reduce. We endeavor to prevent the wasting of resources and promote a culture of sustainability and sensible consumption.
  • Reuse. We undertake to promote the reusing of items, such as clothing, wherever these can be passed on to worthy causes.
  • Recycle. We are committed to a taking proactive approach endorsing the recycling of all relevant materials using appropriate technology – paper, toner cartridges, drink cans, plastic bottles and batteries.

Please join our ever-growing group of early adaptors. If you are a medical cannabis patient, user, healthcare provider, researcher or fan – and have information to share with the world: please click below, fill in brief info and join our journey.