Sadé Biotech And Its ASAYA™ Software Can now be Marketed in Europe

Excited to share with you that our ASAYA system was successfully registered with the Belgian Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products and it is now CE marked. In addition, Sade Biotech and its ASAYA platform achieved the certification of several ISO Standards, including: ISO27001:2013, ISO27799:2016, and ISO 13485:2016.

Our choice to walk the unbeaten path of medical regulations for our Medical Cannabis Treatment Management software, has proven that hard work, devotion, and highest professional level – puts us ahead of the pack. Indeed, only a few days after receiving the said certifications we were able to launch our software service with an HMO, as well as move to a commercial phase with one of Israel’s largest pain clinics, managing over 4000 patients.

Yael Richter, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer, Sadé Biotech

Such certifications also supported our Real-World research collaboration with one of Israel’s leading rehab hospitals.

We strongly believe that in this new era of healthcare digitalization, there is a golden opportunity in the overlap between digital health and Real-World Evidence (RWE). We leverage this opportunity to synthesize fragmented data into insights, providing instant, on-demand best practices in medical cannabis (MC) care. This knowledge will enable to transform the way medical cannabis treatment is managed and significantly promote patients’ quality of life.

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