New ASAYA PSP Head Naama Saban-Ohana to Integrate Cannabis Experience with Patient-Centric Support

Sade Group welcomes our newest recruit, Naama Saban-Ohana, with open arms, A certified nurse and former Head of Training & Education and VP Customer Services for Tikkun Olam, Naama will be heading up the ASAYA Patient Support Program (ASAYA PSP). Her unparalleled experience ideal positions her for overseeing the treatment of thousands of medical cannabis patients with numerous diagnoses. Within the framework of her role, she will be responsible for all patient-related issues and treatments. She will additionally monitor all educational and training practices, and the development of an efficient patient-centric support center for medical cannabis patients seeking to optimize their treatment plans and gain much-deserved relief from their debilitating diagnoses, using the ASAYA platform and app.

Naama Saban-Ohana

The ASAYA Patient Support Program is a one-of-a-kind integration between human patient care and an advanced, machine-learning and big-data-driven software platform. Thanks to the ASAYA platform’s sophisticated capabilities, more and more medical cannabis patients will be able to feel supported and stay on top of their medical cannabis treatment. We are excited to see how Naama’s vast experience in the Israeli Medical Cannabis realm further contributes to the development of relationships within the industry’s various verticals – from cultivators to brands, pharma chains, and medical clinics – and helps promote better patient-physician relationships and better results.

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