Sade Biotech Welcomes New Team Member Itzik Hamo

Sade Biotech is on a mission to harness the power of collective wisdom to transform medical cannabis care. To achieve this goal, the leading scientific research and development company recently welcomed Itzik Hamo to the team as VP Customer Engagement. The former CEO of FEMI Premium, Israel’s largest telemedicine company, Itzik joined Sade to lead the company’s customer/patient engagement efforts, deemed critical in ensuring patients obtain the most optimized and customized medical cannabis treatment plans for their needs, and stick to them to enjoy the best possible results.

Itzik’s vast experience in medical customer service and the provision of multi-layer medical support via remote technologies such as call-centers, video calls, chats, IoT devices, and more, coupled with his intensely down-to-earth nature, is a perfect and most natural fit to Sade’s patient-centric approach.

Itzik Hamo

Itzik will lead Medical Cannabis customer engagement and service strategy and will promote interactions and relationships with insurers, HMOs and regulators.

It is our hope that the ASAYA medical software and patient mobile app, together with Itzik’s strong engagement experience and efforts, significantly contributes to an evidence- and value-based health system, so that more people experience the relief they seek from medical cannabis products.

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